About Latin Feet Dance Company

Latin Feet Dance Company started in December of 2013 and is a company that offers dance lessons in Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata. Latin Feet Dance Company is run by the founder Sanna Bergström and thru the company she wants to spread the joy and culture that dance brings.


Sanna Bergström

Picture of Sanna Bergström

Sanna Bergström

Sannas interest in dance started in her teenage years with a course in Latin Mix that later on led her to the dance association Siboney in Sundsvall. She was there thought by Julio Espinal in Cuban Salsa and then became Julio’s dance partner for 4 years. She has also traveled around to several Salsa Congresses and been thought by different skilled instructors from different places in the world.

She started dancing for the association Siboney 2007 and worked there until 2011. But it wasn’t until 2009 that Sanna started working with teaching courses for whole semesters together with Julio. And after that she has both thought courses and preformed around Sweden at places like Latin Salsa Camp in Örebro 2009, Sundsvall Salsa Festival 2009, Sundsvall Mini Weekend 2010, Carribean Fusion Bootcamp in Gävle 2010 and at Halloween Salsa Weekend in Örebro 2010. She has also worked a lot with group courses at different companies and helpt Dansarna.se to introduce Cuban Salsa in Linköping 2011. Together with Julio Espinal she also thought as a guest teacher in Arts/dance for 2 weeks at John Bauer High School in Sundsvall. They also held a day course in Salsa for Ålsta Folkhögskolas artist- & dance-students 2010.

The love for Dominican Bachata came to Sanna in 2010 and she has focused the last couple of years to learn as much as possible of the dance. She now wants to spread the joy and wonderful feeling she gets when dancing both Salsa and Bachata, therefor she started Latin Feet dance Company in 2013 in her new hometown.

Now she teaches both Cuban Salsa and Dominican Bachata for semester courses, private courses and workshops. In the spring of 2018 she visited Alingsås Dansklubb as a guest teacher in Salsa.

Sanna believes that it is very important to keep learning to keep on evolving as a dancer both for herself and for her students. She thinks the most important part in dance is to get to spread the joy and happiness she feels when she dances.

”See you on the dancefloor!”

Instructor Assistent

Sabine Hermansson


Sabine Hermansson

Dance has always been an important part of Sabine’s life. First it was mostly Street and hip hop but in 2014 she took her first Salsa steps. It was there and then at a beginner’s class in Cuban Salsa that she started falling in love with the dance, she was hooked immediately. That very same year she travelled to Cuba and during the two weeks she was there she learned more about Salsa. Her passion for the dance and the culture just grew even more.

Later in life she has found other dances such as Bachata, Kizomba and Semba. But it’s still the Cuban Salsa that is the closest to her heart.

The years of 2015-2016 she helped out at the dance school Salsa Caramba in Halmstad dancing as both follower and leader. She assisted at classes and also got the opportunity to lead an animación at Halmstad Cityfestival 2016.

In 2017 she moved to Gothenburg and just a year later she found her way in to Latin Feet Dance Company where she started as a volunteer. Beginning with 2 workshops together with Sanna at Allingsås dansklubb she started as a teacher’s assistant for Latin Feet.

”Just smile and have fun with it”